Roof Installation Mississauga

A shelter is one of man’s basic need. Now shelter may sound like somewhere to lay your head, but in actual fact, it means a way of protecting yourself from the elements of nature.

It therefore means that you need a roof over your head. At Roofers Mississauga, we offer you roofing installation that is guaranteed to not only put a roof over your head but a strong one at that.

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What To Consider In Roof Installation

Much as roofing techniques may be similar, we never consider any two houses as the same. As such, before embarking on a roofing installation job, we have to assess the house. Factors such as the size of your house can play a role in determining the size of roofing material used. Its location in terms of proximity to trees, the weather patterns in its location will highly determine the kind of material used. Your budget will also help us determine what works best, in light of these other factors.

Choice Of Roofing Materials

There are a number of options from which to choose the best roofing material for your specific house. These include:

Sheet roofing material

There is a wide array of choices when it comes to sheet roofing materials.

  • Insulated panels- these are the most common choice of roofing materials. Basically, these are made of two sheets bonded to either side of the insulating foam. The fact that they are lightweight yet strong and easy to install is what makes them so popular.
  • Colorbond steel- this is 1mm think of steel sheet that is coated galvanized iron, a metal alloy like zinc, aluminum or magnesium and given a Colorbond coating. For roofing in coastal areas, the stainless steel-based option would be best.


Tiles are the oldest and to some, most reliable material for roofing. Just like the sheet option, tiles also come in different forms.

  • Clay tiles- these date back some centuries back. As the name suggests, clay tiles are made from clay that is heated to extremely high levels (100 degrees Celsius). This produces a vitrified tile that is waterproof. Clay tiles can last up to 50 years, though care should be taken while handling and installing them as they can easily break.
  • Concrete tiles- these are made from concrete, which is a blend of pigment, sand, and cement. Being much like pieces of brick, cement tiles work very well to soundproof a house, making them the perfect choice for a noisy environment. On the other hand, concrete is very delicate. This then means that if installed or handled wrong, it can break and become useless.

Other tile options include slate tiles, composite tiles, and metal tiles. In the USA Asphalt shingles is a common choice, mostly because they are termed as durable, easy to install and cheap as they also become part of the roof capping, thus saving you on extra material.

Finding The Right Roof Installation Company

It is always important to ensure that you make use of the right company for a job as important as roof installation. This is why you have to double check on the company you choose. Ensure they are certified, have a reliable record and feedback that you can rely on. Roofers Mississauga is not only certified but comes bearing experience galore. Try us today!