Roof Repair Mississauga

It can be quite frustrating having a roof that is faulty.

This means that every time it rains, every time the wind blows too hard, or there is a storm, you are reminded that your shelter is not fully functional. Most people think that in such a case, you have to do a total roof replacement, and since this is bound to cost some pretty amount of money, they put it off. The truth is, if you do repairs at the onset of the problem, you can spare yourself a lot of trouble and money. At Roofer Mississauga, we understand this all too well and are ready and willing to help you. But how do you know when you need roof repair?

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How To Check If Roof Repair Is Needed

As mentioned above, your roof can be damaged by a number of things, some of which are human errors while others are pure acts of nature. Roofers Mississauga offers roof inspection that covers all these areas. This is what we check for:

  • Wind damage: this is one of the hardest kind of damage to pre-empt or even spit. This is mostly because most roofs are built to handle wind even at high pressure. However, sometimes, the pressure is far higher than usual. This can cause significant damage, especially if the wind is part of a season and not a one-time occurrence. For this, we first check the shingles as they are the first to be damaged by wind. We check if there are any shingles that are missing or if some of the material has come loose.
  • Hail damage: being a once-in-a-while occurrence, hail damage can be easily ignored. However, hail is one of the worst enemies to your roof. Hailstones can easily bruise, crack and break shingles. So when we come in, we check for any visible cracks on the shingles, any missing granules from asphalt as well as any possible bruising on the shingles. If you press on a bruised shingle and it gives way, then you know it is permanently damaged and needs replacement.
  • Tree damage: this is pretty obvious, a tree either falls on your roof or damages your roof with its branches on the way down. We, therefore, check for damaged shingles, fallen shingles which would work as evidence of roof damage, actual holes in the roof and so on.
  • Worn roof: like all things, roofs also get worn out over time. As such, we check for curling shingles, shingles that look like they’ve grown a new layer, blistered shingles, and broken or missing shingles.
  • Wrong roof installation: this may be pretty hard to determine unless you see such sings as leakages, moisture build-up, and loose shingles. You can also check if the shingles were installed upside down, in which case the tabs will be facing up and not down as they should.

Roof Damage Solution

If you suspect any of the above, it is important for you to employ the help of a professional roofer. Most roofers Mississauga, all those certified and experienced that is, will know exactly what to do to remedy the situation. By all means, though, please consider Roofers Mississauga as we are bound to offer you services that will set your roof up for ages to come!